Wash your own blanket, but need a repair?  Leave it to us!

Bulk Pricing Available

  • Discounts for 20+ blankets
  • Free pickup and delivery available up to 15 miles for 20 turnouts or more

Sample of offerings: 

  • Rambo double locking velcro closure assembly on chest                              $16.00
  • Replace the chest velcro strips that aren’t effective                                        $3.00
  • Fleece wither pad on the neck of the turnout neck                                          $5.00
  • Tail flap elastic or webbing – keep the turnout on the rump/tail                       $6.00
  • Add or remove leg straps and rings                                                                 $7.00
  • Add additional belly straps or tail strap assemblies                                         $7.00 and up
  • Change your chest assemblies to a style you like on other turnouts              $Varies
  • Meld non-matching neck piece on your blanket or sheet.
    • We can install velcro assembly tabs on the turnout neck.                     $Varies
  • Neck rings for old style Rambo to accommodate the liner with four rings       $Varies
  • No leg straps on your current blanket? 
    • Add leg strap D-ring assemblies to rear surcingles                                $Varies

Don’t see what you need?  Not sure if the item can be repaired? 

Drop us an email with pics, or drop off your blanket for a free estimate. We will carve out a plan together.

 Turnout Sheet



 Repair Gallery

When horse blankets and clothing begin to show wear doesn’t mean you must always replace them. Many can be saved.  Stitch-This specializes in full-service sewing and repairs. All repairs are made with great attention to detail.  The finished product is professionally sewn with commercial grade machines, in a manner that ensures durability. 

Our repair shop is stocked with a variety of hardware, material, Velcro/loop and webbing.  From patching a small hole or replacing a surcingle, to reconstructing a blown-out gusset or customizing a chest closure, we’ve got you covered!  Every effort is made to match patch fabrics, straps and thread colors as close to original as possible. 

Sewing repairs start at $2.00 and increase according to the size of the repair and replacement parts.  If repair will cost more than the blanket is worth, customers will be notified with estimate before proceeding with repairs.

*Items being repaired must be clean.  Dirty blankets can damage the sewing machine

Horse’s use more than blankets 

We also service:

  • fly masks
  • splint boots
  • bell boots
  • tail bags
  • hay bags
  • saddle covers
  • garment bags
  • boot bags (English &Western)
  • fly sheets
  • coolers


Amigo Medium weight blanket